Called to the Gospel of Life
Pro-Life Initiative at St. John the Evangelist

Latest News as of October 13, 2021:

Notes from 40 Days for Life Boston Campaign Director Rita Russo’s October 13th, 2021 update: “The campaign continues to do well.  As of Tuesday, 277 babies and their mothers [worldwide] have been confirmed saved.  Keep praying!  God is blessing our efforts!”  

And  “Also be sure to watch this short video clip: “Fox News host makes must-see emotional plea to end abortion.””

In Worcester last Tuesday, Oct. 12th, 90 pro-life students and adults joined Bishop Macmanus in vigil outside Planned Parenthood.  Parishioners from St. John’s stood among them!

Parishioners praying outside Planned Parenthood in Worcester, July 15. Surgical abortions are performed there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Join us! For more information, contact Chris Clancy at

Click on the links to watch videos posted by Live Action:

Live Action’s most realistic and medically accurate animation of a baby’s development in her mother’s womb. Beautiful graphics. Meet Baby Olivia.

“Watch their minds change on abortion”:

Pro-Life Reply to: “No one knows when life begins”

Pro-Life Reply to: “My Body, My Choice”

Links to pro-life support, action, teaching, and prayer:

USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) Pro-Life page
Ready-to-sign petitions against current anti-life legislature.

Boston Diocese Pro-Life Page
Provides many useful resources, including links and contact info for pregnancy centers and post-abortion support.
Explains Church teaching on current issues.
Link to ready-to-sign petitions against current anti-life legislature

Worcester Diocese Pro-Life page
Provides many useful resources, including links and contact info for pregnancy centers, post-abortion support, and end-of life care.
Explains Church teaching on current issues.

Before I Formed You in the Womb
A Pastoral Letter on the Human Dignity of the Unborn, Holy Communion, and Catholics in Public Life.
Letter by Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco Archdiocese.

Crisis Pregnancy Resources

Massachusetts Citizens for Life:

Address: 79A Main Street, Framingham, MA, 01702.  
Phone number: 508 620 0657

Pregnancy Help:
Address: 61 South Street, Natick, MA, 01760
Phone number: 508-651-0753

Problem Pregnancy of Worcester:
Address: 495 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA, 01609
Phone number: 508-507-8378