The Pastoral Parish council is an organized advisory group to assist the pastor in carrying out his role as pastor. The pastor establishes a pastoral council because he seeks practical advice on pastoral matters and wants to draw on the wisdom and prudence of selected parishioners.

Parishioners serve on a pastoral council for the good of the parish. They are willing to investigate pastoral matters and to reflect on them thoroughly so as to make sound recommendations to the pastor. 

The Council meets monthly, at 7 p.m., in the lower church or the parish library on a schedule that is convenient for the pastor and members of the council.

Our current parish council at St. John’s (as of February, 2022):

  • Bob Burke
  • Janet Ceddia
  • John Keane
  • Bill Maginnis
  • Mary Morrissey
  • Mike McNamara
  • Debra Villani
  • Fr. Cannon

Contact: Fr. Richard Cannon (508) 435-3313 Ext: 214