Confirmation Program

Grades 9th & 10th


The Sacrament of Confirmation is a two-year program that encompasses students in grades 9 and 10.

The ninth grade program meets two Mondays a month. Individual classes are led by a teacher. The first year of preparation is a total review of the core beliefs of the Catholic faith. Group discussions are facilitated by each teacher.

Teachers use a workbook to guide the class and maintain continuity between classes on the major weekly topic. The basic reasons for being Catholic are examined and discussed. Each student performs various Christian service projects that are made available by a service coordinator. Some students offer their own projects.

Group fellowship is a major focus of the program. Students have time to come together in a large group to talk and enjoy their time while in the presence of the church. The Sacrament of Penance is offered to each student twice, during Advent and Lent. After the first year of preparation, students decide if they will continue toward receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in tenth grade.

The tenth grade program is similar in structure, led by volunteer teachers and service coordinators. Classes meet one Sunday of each month, a total of seven times. Each class expands on the Sacrament of Confirmation and the impact that it can make on each candidate’s life.

In February the students meet for a day of retreat that brings them into closer relationship with the church and family. Service is also a major facet of the program. Each candidate can choose a long term project that is offered through the program or designed by the student.

Contact: Coordinators Ken & Debbie Lysik, 508-435-3313, Ext. 208 or 251,

Class Schedule:
Grade 9, Mondays, 7 to 8pm, October to April
Grade 10, one Sunday each month, 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. with a community celebration of the Sunday Liturgy at the 6:30 p.m. Mass, October to April