† St. John’s Parish Updates

June 3, 2020 – We are looking forward to celebrating our second weekend Mass, after reopening, this coming weekend. Thank you to all who signed up for Mass last weekend. It was helpful for us to have an idea of the number of Parishioners attending each Mass. For those planning to attend Mass we encourage you to make a reservation, either online ————————————→ or by calling the Parish Office at 508-435-3313 x203.

If you missed the informative welcome back videos from St. John’s and the Archdiocese of Boston with important information on what to expect during Mass, see below.

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Consider joining the Knights of Columbus, believe us you will not regret it! From organizing family events to implementing the Covid-19 Helping Hands Program to serving as greeters as we open our doors to Parishioners. The Knights work hard, in a thoughtful, fun, caring, Christian way, to help those in need. If you are interested in learning more or to join, please see their website.

Virtual Rosary Prayer Group

This newly formed group meets every Wednesday at 7:30pm via Zoom. Join in any Wednesday (a little before 7:30PM), by clicking below..