Welcome to St. John’s

Parents, we are in the process of putting our program together for this coming year (2021-2022). 



Please note: The Cardinal has reinstated the obligation to attend Sunday Mass. To read the full letter from the Cardinal, click here.

Click here for the Mass Schedule.

Per updated Covid19 guidelines from the Archdiocese:
For those who would like to wear masks at Mass and be seated with others who are wearing masks, St. John’s has marked off a section of the church with blue tape. Please do not sit in this section if you are not wearing a mask. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make everyone feel safe and welcome at Mass.
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Photos of our church taken by Tim’s drone: 

A fellow parishioner of ours, Tim Keary, volunteered his drone service to take aerial photos of the church. Scroll down to check out the photo album below. Many thanks to Tim and his company for capturing such stunning views of our church and for giving us the chance to see our church from entirely new perspectives.the salt of the earth, have need of our prayers, how much more the struggling and the lukewarm?”    –St. Therese of Lisieux, The Story of a Soul, chap. VI

As we celebrate the restoration of St. John’s sanctuary murals:

From our archives:   Milford Daily News, 1889
“Large crowds went into the church yesterday to view the magnificent oil paintings and the elaborate windows which are being placed there.  All say that they surpass any of the paintings in the churches of the surrounding towns.” 

The Milford Daily News, September 3, 1889
“Dedicated:  St. John’s Church, Hopkinton, Completed”
“. . . One of the first things that impresses itself on the eye on entering from the front, is the magnificent painting of the Crucifixion, right over the tabernacle.  On the Sanctuary walls, there are, in all, five paintings.  To the left of the centre and taking therein their natural order, the first on the Gospel side is the “Annunciation,” next the “Nativity,” in the centre, the “Crucifixion”; over the Epistle corner the “Ascension,” and at the right of the latter the “Descent of the Holy Ghost [Pentecost].”  Over the vestry door is a representation of the Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and over the chapel door the “Transfiguration.”